Camavinga impressed at Left-back

Camavinga impressed at Left-back against Tunisia

When Eduardo Camavinga considered playing in the World Cup, he might not have imagined himself as a left-back. But that is exactly what he’s done against Tunisia. While his debut at left-back was not a complete success, there were some interesting stats that made his performance worth revisiting.

Having a look at his defensive metrics against Tunisia, the experiment of playing Camavinga at fullback appears to have yielded some significant benefits. The French international put on a defensive clinic in the second half, winning 18 duels, 11 tackles, 6 clearances, and 3 interceptions.

In contrast, Theo Hernandez only won 8 duels, made 3 tackles, and had 1 interception in his full 90-minute performance against Denmark. Theo clearly had better attacking statistics, but the comparison is still useful in highlighting the type of defensive performance Camavinga had.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Real Madrid youngster was subtly impressive. Camavinga may not have a long-term future at fullback, but he is an incredible talent who, as Didier Deschamps put it, “makes something good happen every time he’s on the field.”






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