Carlo Ancelotti to retire at Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti plans to retire at Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti, the current coach of Real Madrid, has announced his retirement from managing after the end of his Real Madrid tenure. The Italian head coach broke the news to Il Messaggero.

“After this performance in Madrid, my professional career will be over. I plan to end my career after Real Madrid. At the pinnacle of football, Real Madrid stands alone. After what we’ve been through, it’s time to call it quits,” Ancelotti remarked.

No matter what happens in the next few months or years at Real Madrid, he will leave football as one of the most successful managers ever. He talked about how he felt about all the trophies he had won over the years.

“I’ve had 24 job titles? The truth is that I don’t care about these numbers. I’ll give that some thought at the end, when it makes more sense to take stock. Now I’m focusing on training, which I enjoy. Before a few years ago, tactics were my top priority. Now I’m more interested in people, getting to know them, and the next generation,” he said.

Ancelotti had already hinted that this would be his last coaching job, but now he has made it official. If he can keep making Madrid successful, he still has a few years left.





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