Eduardo Camavinga

I can’t be a super sub my entire career – Camavinga

Eduardo Camavinga, a Real Madrid midfielder, spoke with Goal about his present role in the Spanish capital and how he sees his career in the present and near future.

“As a football player, you want to play in every game.” I don’t want to say it bothers me, but it requires patience. I don’t want to be a super sub for the rest of my life; I need to recognise that there are several players ahead of me, that I need to learn from them, and that my time will come. “Being a versatile player is definitely a plus because it opens up more opportunities to play,” he explained.

Camavinga was then asked about his best field position.

“Because I can play multiple positions, I draw inspiration from various players.” Casemiro dominates defensive duels, while Modric is capable of both offensive and defensive play, as well as having vision. Kroos is significant because of his exceptional passing abilities. As a 6, I prefer to play ahead of the defensive line. But you can’t have it all, so you must adapt. “I need to improve my defensive solidity and be more composed,” he explained.

Camavinga concluded his interview by refusing to accept the notion that he is a better player when the team is coming back from a deficit.

“Not always. I don’t play the game by keeping my emotions in check. Even when we’re winning, I have to play with concentration and fire. “The best version of myself is to regain possession, play forward, dribble, win duels, and take some risks,” he added.






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