Real Madrid vs Leganes

Real Madrid and Leganes to play friendly on Thursday

Real Madrid entered the field at Real Madrid City for their second practice session of the week today. As the club continues to prepare for their upcoming return to La Liga (a match against Real Valladolid on December 30th), they’ve opted to include at least one exhibition match.

Leganes will travel to Valdebebas on Thursday for a friendly against Real Madrid at the club’s training facilities. The game will take place behind closed doors and won’t be broadcasted.

The goal of the game is obviously to keep the players who haven’t been in World Cup games as physically fit as possible. Toni Kroos, David Alaba, Karim Benzema, Nacho, Dan Ceballos (and others) who did not travel to Qatar will almost certainly get a run to gather some momentum for the first game back.

Rondos, possession and pressing exercises, and an emphasis on raising fitness levels highlighted today’s training session.






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