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Two reasons why Real Madrid won’t sign Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s period at Manchester United came to an abrupt end when the club fired him for an interview he gave to Piers Morgan. He publicly criticised the manager, the club’s owners, and his teammates, prompting United to end his contract.

Ronaldo has been training at Real Madrid’s facilities now that he is without a team. He has been heavily tied to Saudi Arabian conglomerate Al-Nassr, which has offered him an unusual €200 million contract.

While his new club is still unknown, Tomas Gonzalez-M claims that Ronaldo would ‘love’ to return to Real Madrid. Los Blancos, on the other hand, have ruled out his transfer on two main points.

One, they think that signing Ronaldo will create a barrier for the squad’s young guns, such as Rodrygo and Valverde. The former, in particular, serves as a back-up for the front three and has done so admirably.

Meanwhile, Valverde is the club’s starting right winger. While his role does not equal that of CR7, his playing time would undoubtedly be reduced if the Portuguese returned to the Spanish capital.

Second, Madrid’s management believes that Ronaldo will not embrace a backup role just yet. Despite his obvious decline, the 37-year-old has still been looking for a significant role on his next team, probably as a starter.

Given Karim Benzema’s injuries this season, Ronaldo could have served as his backup, but that seems unlikely.

Furthermore, Madrid has done an excellent job of balancing their team both on and off the field. Ronaldo’s salary, distasteful attitude in the locker room, and off-the-field antics would only create mayhem within the team.

Following an absolutely astounding Champions League and La Liga run last season, Madrid will face tougher competition this season to retain their titles. They are second in La Liga, two points behind Barcelona, and therefore will face Liverpool in the Champions League round of 16.






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